The PEE-ZEE allows you to easily pee standing up!

Discreet     No bum show!

Convenient     If he can, you can!

           Reusable     Non-absorbent plastic!

                     Portable     Lightweight and paper-thin!

GREAT FOR:  Field work, camping, rock climbing, boating, road trips, traveling, skiing/snowboarding, parties, festivals, nasty bathrooms, emergencies, and more!

A Pee-Zee in use!


        This lightweight item is very portable.                             Once in place, pee! Aaaahhhhhh!

How does it work?

The Pee-Zee is a urinary device that female and female-to-male (FtM) people (including even children and the elderly) can easily use to urinate during road trips, travel, and in difficult or unsanitary conditions. Simply unfold thee-Zee and undo your pants. Slide underwear aside and place the large opening against the body and press firmly! Angle Pee-Zee toward the urine destination and pee! Drag it forward to remove excess droplets from your body and give it a shake to remove any moisture that may remain. You can use a tissue if you still need it, just remember to pack it out of wilderness areas. Can be stored in original packaging if desired.

Where can you get one?

See our Locations section to visit any number of available retailers, or visit our Online Order to purchase one online.