The new SNEE-KEE is the PEE-ZEE's lil brother!

It is for the stealthy and for the ureathrally challenged. The base of it is the same size as the PEE-ZEE but it's spout it shorter and comes in duller, more natural colours (we are still searching for more skin-tone colours).
So, if using the boys room seemed expensive before, try it again... for the first time! With a SNEE-KEE!


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Purchasing a Snee-Kee is no different than purchasing a Pee-Zee. Remember that if you require customization or specific colour choices, please email us following/preceding your order. Thanks!

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Snee-Kees purchased outside of North America can all be purchased fr $19.00 each (up to 6 PEE-ZEES/SNEE-KEES can be shipped for the same shipping cost-email us and we will send you a money request for the right amount).

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