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Taxi Tales: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
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The following are submissions received from folks all over the country.
It was ridiculous. I was sooo drunk. and he was really cute (or at least he seemed to be to me in my intoxicated state). I don't know the conversation started but we were talking about sex and he had these really nice eyes and he kept looking back at me. when he dropped me off, i went to pay him (I was in the back seat and I leaned forward and he looked back at me) and I just dived right in and kissed him. he was a f*&ken yummy kisser though. there was a little over the clothes touching and then i was like "I gotta go". He asked me for my number and I said no. he said "can I give you mine?" I said "Let's not kid ourselves here!" Such a bitch! he waved bye and didn't drive away until, well I am not sure cause I was inside...)" (female-ON)
i was in Montreal with my Mother and we hailed a cab on Parc. The Hatian cabbie seemed nice enough but when another cab driver came and yelled at him about picking up a fare in a restricted zone, he kicked us out of his cab in order to prevent a fight/ticket. We did not appreciate this at all and decided not to take the cab that was rightfully at the taxi stand, he did not seem very nice, so we continued to walk....a block later our original driver came and got us, apologizing for the incident and drove us to our destination. During the drive he practiced my spanish with me and let me use his cell phone to figure out where we were going....He turned out to be pretty great. (QC)
** the only have taxi tales that I have involve vomit and heroine... I'm not sure if you want them... they sound bad but in both cases they were very nice cabbies that were helpful (BC)

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly