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Taxi Tales: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Ugly
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
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The following are submissions received from folks all over the country.
One time (80's) at my "Not my 25th birthday party" party, my sisters, my wife  and myself found ourselves in Hull.  It was late and we needed a ride home.  We tried hailing a few cabs, but none would stop, (wonder why?). We eventually got one!  How's that you say?  It's very easy when you lie down in the middle of the street.Not the smartest thing to do, but we did end up getting the cab. (QC/ON) 

Once upon a time on $%$% 's 21st birthday - she got so freakin' hammered at ICON and had her car - a friend of hers drove her car to a safe spot in sandy hill - hailed a cab for her and sent her home. She arrived in front of her home passed out and intoxicated. the cabby requested payment. $%$% was so drunk that.... mr. cabby took her wallet, ran her VISA through and signed it - leaving himself a 15.00 tip. i, i mean she stumbled infront of my house - my mother let me in and i stayed asleep at the bottom of the stairs wearing my parka. beautiful. (ON) 
3 friends  (total 3 grrls, 1 boy) and i were got off a tour bus coming from a punk rock show in Montreal. We got off the bus and into a Blueline cab. We were all in our late teens (and our punk rawk show wear) at the time and he refused to go anywhere without us showing him our money. I was sitting in the front seat and i expressed that i was offended that he assumed we were theives just because of our age/look. I showed him some $ anyway, because he was going nowhere with out it. Once the amount i had shown him showed up on the meter he stopped and made us show him more. The tension was rising. When almost at our destination, he spotted 2 trans sex worker on the street and said in a thick accent " i wood nut lit dos dwo woman in may car forr 1 milllion dollars!" Normally and/or since i am an adult now, i may have not responded this way, but i informed him that he was mistaken about their sex. I did it mostly to shock him and it worked....his response was " Holy smokin' goats!!!" We all laughed (at him) quite a bit, his ignorance ironically lightened the mood and we safely got home without any more conflict. (ON)
I went to put a drunk friend in a cab. The driver made me ride with her, even though I was not ready to leave. While we were driving I was informend that she was going to vomit, I asked him to pull over, he refused and made her barf in her purse. Jerk.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly