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Taxi Tales: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Bad
The Good
The Bad
The Ugly
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The following stories were told by folks all over.
** then there's one about a cabbie who thought I was straight and was trashing this tranni that he just had in his cab... lol.. it was ____ and I was going to meet him outside of evolution (a bar)... you should have seen the look on his face when he realized his mistake (BC)

I was coming home from a rave (on acid) and the cabby was driving soooo fast. I was really high on acid and thought I was going to die. When I asked him to slow down, he sped up. He was going 130 on the canal. I know this is true because the friend I was with was sober!!! (female-ON)

I know a woman who was badly verbally abused (sexist/racist shit) by a Blueline driver, and who's told her story openly. (female-ON)

Wow! Crazy! I once was so drunk/puff puff, the cabi asked to see my money cause he thought I was going to rip him off. Then as we drove from Downtown back to my rez at Carleton down the Colonel by he told me how once he ran over a guy along the canal because he tried to jump on the fair. He then procede to tell me that while driving cabs in Mexico City he use to carry a gun. Needless to say there was no making out on this ride. (ON)

After having worked all day (7-2) and then all evening (4-12) serving I was biking home on Elgin St. Next thing I know i am being floored by the door of a cab. Back, passenger side, drunk boy, an accident. I hit my head hard and had a hard time dragging myself off the road. The Blueline cabbie did not even stick around long enough to ask me if i was alright, or take me to the hospital. Would have been really nice if i'd smashed my head open (I know, I know, I shoulda been wearing a helmet) anyway, I was forgetting things and dropping stuff for the next week. What an inconsiderate ass. (female-ON)

2 other dykes and myself were got into a Blueline taxi and headed downtown. Also kept calling my girlfried 'he'. I think just to amke it clear that he did not appreciate our obvious sexual identities. He had one of those big rear view mirrors and he kept looking (down) at us. He started to drive really fast and as he was appraoching Elgin from Laurier, where he should have turned left he was going to fast to make the turn and we alsmost ended up in the side of a wall. I then asked him very seriously to "slow down". He laughed creepily, and refused. He eventully got us to our destination in a round- about -way, with a more expensive fare than usual. My heart was racing, I was so glad to get out of the car. 

Just the other day a friend of mine wanted to take a cab when I wanted to walk (12 mins!) so I insisted we call Capital as I have had far fewer problems with them. We waited and waited. I explained to her why I refused to call the more popular Cab company witha  larger fleet. Reasons being is that I am always (90%) verbally, sexually harassed by the drivers. The Capital cab did not come. We went to wait on the corner where we could still see my place, a Blueline Cab went by, we hailed it. Not even 30 seconds into the ride, the driver is asking What bar are you going to? Are you meeting your boyfriends? What? You don't have boyfriends? What are pretty girls like you doing without boyfriends?  and so on. Once again my point was proven.

I find that cabbies that pick me up from outside the gay bar often want to talk about sexuality. Now i could handle if someone just really needed someone to talk to, for reasons of coming out, or even friendly curiosity, but when " How do I get a girl like that?" comes up, I feel uncomfotable. It is then between defending my community and putting this guy in his plakce, or feeling safe. I hate it.

The other nite on my way home all was good. I was pleased that the cab driver had not made me feel uncomfortable. Then as I was getting out he says "wanna spend the night?" ....fuck off....



The Good, The Bad and The Ugly