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The Incredibly Easy PEE-ZEE

The PEE-ZEE allows you to easily pee standing up!

DISCREET      no bum show

CONVENIENT   if he can, you can

REUSABLE      non-absorbant plastic

PORTABLE       lightweight and paper-thin

GREAT FOR:  field work, camping, rock climbing, boating, road trips, traveling, skiing/snowboardnig, parties, festivals, nasty bathrooms, emergencies and more!

A yellow Pee-Zee
This light weight item is very portable.

A Pee-Zee in use
A girl using her yellow Pee-Zee
Once in place, PEE! aaahhhhh

The PEE-ZEE is a urinary device that female and FtM people (even children and the elderly), can easily use to urinate during road trips, travel and in difficult or unsanitary conditions.
DIRECTIONS: Simply unfold the PEE-ZEE and undo your pants. Slide underwear aside and place the large opening against body and press firmly. Angle Pee-Zee toward the urine destination and pee. Drag it forward to remove dropletts from your body and give it a shake to remove any moisture that may remain. You can use tissue if you still need it, just remember to pack it out of wilderness areas.Can be stored in original packaging if desired. 
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AVAILABLE at the following locations (we suggest calling first to make sure they are in stock):
Halifax, NS 
Squamish   TRINITY ROMANCE SHOP: Now online only !
Vancouver  ON THE RIVET (Bike Apparel Shop) Broadway/Ontario 604-738-1012
In Other Words - Women's Book Store: 8 B NE Killingsworth St
As you Like it - (971) 266-8631
San Francisco, CA
Needles and Pens - DIY + Gallery: 3253 16th Street, 415-255-1534 (no longer stocking them - but let them know that you would be interested!!)
Memphis, TN
Outside North America
BERLIN: Other Nature   http://other-nature.de/?s=pee-zee
Or ANYWHERE, order online at peezee@hotmail.com: $15.00 CND/USD plus shipping, payable by check, money order or PayPal Please indicate colour choice, mailing address and payment preference.
Order or make contact!!.

We would be happy to personalize your PEE-ZEE. Name, phrase, team ....anything you like!

"I feel so liberated"
-J.K. - landscaper, Ottawa, ON.

Orders or Questions:  peezee@hotmail.com  
Don't forget to choose a colour and give mailing addresss.