The Incredibly Easy PEE-ZEE

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See where Pee-Zee has been sold and used all over the world!!

Dear Pee-Zee, received order today, ...I'm happy as can be with the order, and appreciate everything. Thank you for the note. Will definitely put in good words for the product when- and wherever possible. Thank you for shipping it so quickly as well! E.B., MA

Dear Pee-Zee--What a great product!  I took two with me on a recent trip to India, and was I grateful to have them.  Even though I'm capable of squatting, it certainly isn't my preference to use squat toilets, and with Pee-Zee the problem was solved.  There were a few times --as when we encountered squat and western toilets which hadn't been cleaned in a (sometimes long) while, or when we had to make a bush stop--when I was exceedingly grateful to not have to squat.  It also took care of the need to have toilet paper with me all the time.  I gave one of my Pee-Zees to another woman on the trip who had a difficult time squatting, and left my other one with another woman who was continuing her stay in India.  Both were amazed and grateful at how much easier Pee-Zee can make a travel experience.  My new travel motto is don't leave home without it.  Now I need to order 4 more--2 for me and 2 for other friends who backpack and travel.   Your product is so much better than those awful disintegrating paper cones or anything else I've seen. -C.B. San Diego, CA


Thanks so much! This is incredible! I like it so much I want to purchase 2 more (yellow) (for gifts). My friends love it! I sent a hyperlink to your website to 7 people already! (I found the freshette thingy and wizzy thingy too but didn't like the design, too bulky and you can't just rinse and hide 'em.  Your's is so compact, clean and easy to use, I'm very impressed!) - M.A. (37, hiker, biker, claims adjuster) Syracuse, N.Y.


"I have not yet told you how the Pee-Zee has totally saved my life (or the embarrassment from pissing in my pants) during work in the field, mountain biking or just around!!!! It is truly a beautiful thing, thank you for bringing it into my life!" - C. A.- field biologist and mountain biker, Vancouver, B.C.


"My daughter brought your product to Vietnam with her and was very happy with it, thank you!" -C.L. mother of an adventurer


Excellent! I am very happy with your product, thank-you” – A.M.A- traveling in South America from MA


"Thank you very much!!!!. I have just received the package with the blue and yellow Pee-Zees. The Pee-Zee is simply wonderful!!!!. I began to test it yesterday at night, in the bath-tub before I take a shower; and today morning again at the wc twice. I can't believe it, but the Pee-Zee works perfectly and I'm peeing standing up without any problem since the first time! Neither one droplet of urine out of the Pee-Zee. I didn't wet neither my panty nor my legs. Really is incredible! I'm not sure, but I think that now  I feel my bladder remains more empty after pee when I'm peeing standing up than when I'm peeing sitting down or squatting down. Don't you feel the same?. -V. V. Argentinian geologist.


“I feel so liberated" -J.K. -landscaper, Ottawa, ON.


" Woo Hoo! Pee-Zee is the best! I'll tell everyone I know about it! Thanks! -L.D., OH


“We “   We are happy to say that we have successfully been selling the Pee-Zee for over 4          

 years    at both our Venus Envy locations. We have sold over 180 Pee-Zees to as many

            happy clients. They are always delivered in a timely manner and we enjoy

            supporting local women in their endeavours.” -Shelly Taylor, Owner , Venus Envy


"Just wanted to share with everyone my enjoyment of using the incredible PeeZee while camping." TB-
"It will be so awesome if these things catch on here in the US.  I can't TELL you how much I have appreciated them this summer, even tho I am pretty much an indoor type of gal.  Porta Potties are no problem now!  Thanks!! "