The Incredibly Easy PEE-ZEE

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We would be happy to hear your questions, comments, and concerns.

Expect a response within a few days. Thank-you.

So you'd like to buy a PEE-ZEE or a SNEE-KEE???

Either click the appropriate selection below to pay with Paypal OR simply send us an email,including a mailing address. We will send your order promptly (with invoice included if unpaid). 

Payments can be made by:

PayPal (5% fee - see below)

Check or Money Order (invoice will have payment info)

Online banking: within Canada.

Prices: $15.00 CAN/USD (plus shipping). (personalized: add $2+ for a name, phrase, designs-all hand drawn..silver/gold/black)

The PEE-ZEE is very lightweight so shipping is affordable!  Up to 6 PEE-ZEES can be shipped for the same shipping fee. (CAN-$1.25, US-$2.00, Int'l-$3.50+). 

PEE-ZEES /  SNEE-KEES can be purchased as a wholesale (15+) item for $7.50 CND/USD ea, plus shipping.
*An invoice will be included with purchase.
*A shipping address will be needed.
*With purchase your shop's website will be linked to the PEE-ZEE site, always good for biz.

All purchases should be preceded/followed by an email if color is important. If you would like to make a purchase using PayPal, not covered by the below buttons, please be specific about this in your order and we will send you a "Money Request" for the right amount. Thanks!

1 Pee-Zee shipped to the US. - $17.00

1 Pee-Zee shipped anywhere in Canada - $16.50

1 Pee-Zee to be shipped anywhere outside of North America ($15.00+shipping = $19.00) Note: up to 5 items can be shipped without an additional shipping fee - so order more than 1 to save. They make great gifts. Simply email us with your request and we will send you a money request for the right amount.

2 Pee-Zees shipped to the US - $32.00

2 Pee-Zees shipped anywhere in Canada -$31.50