The Incredibly Easy PEE-ZEE

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Tips & FAQs

-With loose pants: undo pants, (sometimes the zipper only may have to be undone) move underware to the side.
-With tight pants: the front of the pants lowered to a position that the PEE-ZEE easily fits under you without being de-formed.
-Angle PEE-ZEE downward! try putting one leg back and leaning forward a little  
-The more space there is between your legs, the less chance there is of the PEE-ZEE returning to it's folded position. 
- take your time, until you are a pro,  make sure things are in place before you go!
-drag plastic gently along lips to collect droplets.
-shake PEE-ZEE off when finished, rinse PEE-ZEE if possible (lake, on grass, in sink, with bottled water)
-try to keep PEE-ZEE flat, temporary periods of being folded should be alright.

Isn't  the Pee-Zee wet with pee when I am done using it? Isn't that yucky? Where am I supossed to put it if it has pee on it?
The Pee-Zee is made out of smooth plastic, most of the pee rolls right off, there may be a drop or two,  give it a good shake. Any drops remaining will get trapped in the fold of the Pee-Zee when you put it away. Yucky? urine is sterile, unless it sits for an extended period of time it will not smell and it's your own can handle it...When you are finished using your Pee-Zee you can put it back in the plastic sleeve it came in, a ziploc bag or nothing at all. Try to keep it fairly flat when not in use and give it a rinse when you have the chance.
Is it sanitary?
Again, urine is sterile. If you were a drip dryer while sqatting  so-be-it, otherwise, sure bring tissue along. We can't even think of something to worry about in the sanitation dept'. We have however seen some gas station bathroom stalls and KNOW that it is more sanitary than sitting in one of those!
WHY would I NEED something like that?
Many of you are always comfortable sqatting, maybe never have too or maybe travel only with people who have already seen you pee before-that's great. But for those of you working/playing outdoors with people/men/strangers around, and/or you feel no need to expose your bits, freeze your bum off, get mosquito bitten or poison ivy where it counts, then this is for you! ( one of the best things is-but you didn't hear it from me- is that if you are female-looking, no one assumes to know what you are doing! you can get away with peeing wherever you need to!)
Another interesting use of the PEE-ZEE is for those middle of the night pees, when the bathroom is far away,and getting there, is long, difficult, loud or even unsafe. (Keep a plastic jug in your room, with a tight lid, empty in the morning)
Have a question? feel free to contact us! We have an answer!

A girl using her Pee-Zee
yep, that's pee!

Look Ma! no bum!

I just got back from 2 months in Costa Rica and I used my PEE-ZEE everywhere, on the beach, in the rainforest, at the bars, in sketchy bathrooms with no toilet seats, into a bottle in my hotel room (I felt scared to leave the room, it saved the day), I have even mastered walking and peeing at the same time!!    PZ

Sold to hundreds of adventurous folk living or traveling in:
Canada and the USA, England, Scotland, N. Ireland, Germany, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Norway, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, India, Vietnam and Australia

Get yours before you travel and be happy you did!!

If you are interested in bringing PEE-ZEES with you for barter or sale, write us to see about a Travel Package!

Read the testimonials page!

Favorite uses:
in the bush (hikes, bikes),
in the park (sports, dog walks),
in a urinal (long lines for the women's?),
in a nasty toilet without touching the seat (gas stations, bars),
while living in a van (into a bottle)..

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Whenever, wherever.