The Incredibly Easy PEE-ZEE

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FtM? Try the Snee-Kee!

Looking to use a urinal?
Try the SNEE-KEE

The NEW SNEE-KEE is the PEE-ZEE's lil' brother.
It is for the stealthy and for the ureathrally challenged. The base of it is the same size as the PEE-ZEE but its spout it shorter and comes in duller, more natural colours (we are still seaching for more skin-tone colours).
So, if using the boys room seemed expensive before, try it again.....for the first time! with a SNEE-KEE!
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1 SNEE-KEE shipped to the US - $17.00 (but buy more than one and save on shipping)

1 SNEE-KEE shipped anywhere in Canada - $16.50

1 SNEE-KEE to be shipped anywhere outside of North America ($19.00) Note: up to 6 PEE-ZEES/SNEE-KEES can be shipped for the same shipping cost. so order more than 1 to save. They make great gifts. Simply email us with your request and we will send you a money request for the right amount.

2 SNEE-KEES shipped to the US - $32.00

2 SNEE-KEES shipped anywhere in Canada -$31.50


FtM testimonials:
"Your product changed my life.....not exaggerating."
A.B., CT

"The Sneekee works amazingly and I like the white plastic.  I carry it inside my briefs in the small of my back and since I only pee inside a stall right now, it's easy to whip it around and get busy. If I were going to be in a situation where I was more visible, I would move it around to the front, right below the waistband.  This is a really great product and you folks should do more to market it to the FTM community. You totally rock!!"
-Rob, MN
"Thank-you SO much. The Pee-Zee "Sneekee" works like a charm! When are you going to start marketing them so I can send all my friends your way? Thanks for being so helpful and cool." - Shawn, MI
When I wear boxers, unzipping to use the Snee-Kee is a breeze.....
A.B. Montreal, Canada
.....and it never leaks unless you're too drunk to walk a straight line.....
-Patrick Califia
If you do not see your exact order, simply send us an email and we'll figure it out!